Night net Only five Night net teams are 3-0 coming out of Week 3. Another 10 are sitting pretty at 2-1. You already can forget about the four who've
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Can your frustrating, disappointing 1-2 Night net team be fixed?


Can your frustrating, disappointing 1-2 Night net team be fixed?

Night net Only five Night net teams are 3-0 coming out of Week 3. Another 10 are sitting pretty at 2-1. You already can forget about the four who've started 0-3.Some of the 13 teams to start 1-2, though, are shocking. It's a group that includes four 2015 playoff teams and few others who expected to contend in '16. MORE: What stood out in Week 3The question is are they still good, are they really bad or have they been a little unlucky? Let's break down all the breakdowns.1. PanthersLast season's record: 15-1What's wrong? The pass rush and special teams. Carolina has only six sacks after posting 44 last season. The Panthers are forced to blitz without the consistent pressure it got from its front four last season. It's more glaring with two rookie cornerbacks, James Bradberry and Daryl Worley, having to cover for long stretches. Trevor Siemian, Blaine Gabbert and Sam Bradford either had too much time or good one-on-one matchups to exploit.Although the Panthers still have strong punting with Andy Lee, kicker Graham Gano hasn't come through in key moments. The kickoff and punt coverage teams haven't been as sharp. There are lapses and a lack of the discipline we're used to seeing.Can it get right? The Panthers still play in the weak NFC South, and they have a stretch of three consecutive division games to get them back above .500. They have to use that stretch to get well before a tricky heart of the schedule that includes Arizona, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Oakland and Seattle. It's also nice to have Cam Newton to keep masking their weaknesses.2. CardinalsLast season's record: 13-3What's wrong? Carson Palmer has gone cold. Palmer is not pushing the ball downfield as well as Bruce Arians' offense demands, and he also has lost his efficiency. His terrible four-interception game at Buffalo in Week 2 was reminiscent of him being ripped apart by the Panthers in the NFC title game. The accuracy deep has fallen off hard, and so has his avoiding sacks and turnovers. If it weren't for David Johnson doing everything as runner and passer, this offense wouldn't be deemed "explosive" at all anymore.Can it get right? The Cardinals really need a healthy John Brown to be a big factor, and he showed signs against the Bills. The offense needs to use Johnson more to take pressure off both Palmer and a defense that has some holes. They don't get many defensive breaks until a Week 8 bye, right after facing Seattle and Carolina. They're still a playoff team, but they don't look like a repeat division winner.STEELE: Cardinals flopping in face of expectations (Getty Images) 3. BengalsLast season's record: 12-4What's wrong? The passing game, the pass protection and the pass rush. Andy Dalton has thrown for a ton of yards, and that's not a good development. The Bengals have only two TD passes in three games on great individual, after-the-catch efforts from A.J. Green and Giovani Bernard. They're getting into a predictable progression rut without Hue Jackson, and they miss the added dimension of tight end Tyler Eifert with neither Brandon LaFell nor Tyler Boyd emerging as the true No. 2 wideout. At the moment, their line and skill personnel is better suited to embrace the power running emphasis of Ken Zampese.Can it get right? They should get to back to .500 right away with Miami coming to town Thursday. But then what? They've already lost to two AFC contenders and can look forward to a trip to New England in three weeks. With Baltimore at 3-0 and Pittsburgh at 2-1, it's more time to worry.BENDER: Will Bengals ever prove themselves?4. JetsLast season's record: 10-6What's wrong? Fitzmagic turns over to Fitzgtragic. While Ryan Fitzpatrick kept coughing over the ball in Kansas City, it also was a reminder that the Jets aren't a very good takeway team. They're down to minus 7 in the turnover margin and have been outscored off turnovers 31-3. Had they just protected the ball even half as well, they might be 3-0. Sure, they can stop the run, but they're getting burned on the back end with Darrelle Revis losing more than few steps and without much help in coverage. Fitzpatrick will always be streaky, but he better not regress to the point of being unsteady.Can it get right? The Jets have some good, young talent, but there's age abound on their team in key spots. They're OK when their game plans meet little resistance, but that doesn't happen against other good teams. After that 24-3 rout in Kansas City, it's Seattle, Pittsburgh, Arizona and Baltimore, well before they play New England twice in the second half of the season. More turbulence ahead means no playoffs ahead.5. RedskinsLast season's record: 9-7What's wrong? No running game, no run defense. Yep, that will do it. Kirk Cousins came through with a much-needed clean game to keep the team from falling to 0-3, but it wasn't easy. The Giants didn't have a healthy running game, and they still moved the ball well. Washington also keeps getting limited returns from Matt Jones' power running. The pressure on Cousins to overcome such issues in a one-dimensional offense would make even elite passers crack.Can it get right? It was easier to like the Giants (2-1) in the NFC East race before the season, and it's evident early that the Cowboys (2-1) and Eagles (3-0) are better all-around teams than Washinton. With Cousins, Washington's M.O. has been capitalizing on bad teams and struggling against good teams. Sure, they'll beat the likes of Cleveland (next week) and Chicago, but they're much more like those teams than the conference contenders. D.C.'s playoff hopes are pinned on the Nationals in 2016.6. BillsLast season's record: 8-8What's wrong? Passing offense. They forced Sammy Watkins into the lineup with a foot injury. The sad part is they are short on legitimate wide receivers without him. Opponents have better figured out Tyrod Taylor the passer, someone with limited downfield weapons who is always trying to buy time with his legs to push the ball downfield. It feels like the Bills are counting on a busted play to make a big pass play. An aging LeSean McCoy can't be asked to come through every week.Can it get right? No. The Bills already have made one big firing on offense, and Rob Ryan is still running the defense because he's closely related to the head coach. The win over Arizona was a fluky desperation performance against a traveling West Coast team. Now the Bills get the Patriots in New England, who show little signs of slowing down without Brady. The Bills are not a very good team overall and are about to play out the string for the Ryans.MARVEZ: Bills confront reality of drunken fans (Getty Images) 7. ColtsLast season's record: 8-8What's wrong? Still too much on Andrew Luck. The running game is caught in neutral. The defense is worse against the pass, as free-agent departures and injuries have piled up. They're not good against the run, either. So much for Luck not bearing the burden of coming through every week coming off his scary, injury-filled 2015 season. And now he has to do it without key receiver Donte Moncrief for a while.Can it get right? Indianapolis basically is trying to win shootouts every week under coach Chuck Pagano, and it's too limited and mistake-prone to make it work. The Colts can string together a few wins in an AFC South that looks even weaker this season, but there's not much optimism for games outside the division. Pagano was brought back, but they're about to take a few more steps back as a team.8. LionsLast season's record: 7-9What's wrong? The entire defense, the entire discipline. Detroit is giving up all kinds of yards all over the field. It also is turning the loss of penalty yards into an art form. Although Jim Bob Cooter and Matthew Stafford have the offense trending in the right direction post-Megatron, the Lions can't stop anything and are dealing with two key front-seven injuries (Ezekiel Ansah and DeAndre Levy). Don't blame Staff anymore for this mess under Jim Caldwell.Can it get right? Everyone points to how the Lions were a batted ball, a Hail Mary and a few other plays away from remaining a playoff team in 2015. But given their issues and schedule this season, the biggest upside for the Lions is holding off the winless Bears and not finishing last in the top-heavy NFC North. Detroit has 5-11 written all over it, which would be the end of the line for Caldwell.FANTASY: Week 4 QB rankings | RB | WR | TE9. BuccaneersLast season's record: 6-10What's wrong? No running, all Jameis Winston. The Buccaneers really helped Winston as a rookie with a steady power running game from Doug Martin. Now Martin is hurt and the offensive line isn't as healthy or good. Winston so far has had two monster games and an awful one in between. He's pressing and trying to do too much with few weapons beyond stud wide receiver Mike Evans, which has led to bad mental mistakes. Can it get right? The Bucs, with a slightly cleaner game and a little better clock management, would be 2-1 and looking more like a team that could create some problems in the NFC South, especially after winning at Atlanta in Week 1. But as talented as Winston is, it's clear this young team still is trying to find its identity under first-year head coach Dirk Koetter. The goal is getting to 7-9 or 8-8, a little better, before breakout potential in 2017.10. DolphinsLast season's record: 6-10What's wrong? Running without an identity. Adam Gase is adjusting to his first role as a head coach while trying to put together a more humming passing offense with Ryan Tannehill despite only a blip of a rushing attack. That's a lot, not to mention working with a defense in transition that has more holes in the back seven. Miami is still figuring out what is from game to game, trying to put together a complete game.Can it get right? A home win over the Browns in overtime almost doesn't count as a win, but it's there. It's a reminder that the team is more like Cleveland than it is either New York or Buffalo in the AFC East. So, yeah, it's on Tannehill to thrive, or the Dolphins will be in position to draft his replacement if they so choose. (Getty Images)

18175&w=500&quality=80 11. 49ersLast season's record: 5-11What's wrong? Blame Gabbert, for starters. We knew the rebuilding defense would be a work in progress. On offense, the 49ers have found something good with Carlos Hyde and the running game under Chip Kelly, but Gabbert has hit a wall with his management and accuracy in the passing game. It's just a matter of time, when Kelly feels Colin Kaepernick is fully healthy, that the change will be made.Can it get right? It would be a remarkable achievement for Kelly if he can get the Niners to tread water, but that can't happen with Gabbert. There are plenty of winnable games left against teams around their level, both home and away. Anywhere between 2-14 and 7-9 is possible.MARVEZ: It's Kaepernick time in San Francisco12. ChargersLast season's record: 4-12What's wrong? Rivers Island. Not to be confused with Revis Island, this is the desolate feeling Philip Rivers is having again, trying to quarterback his best with key targets dropping every single week (Keenan Allen, Danny Woodhead, Antonio Gates). He has a better Melvin Gordon and some intriguing new speed receivers to help him, but that's about it. The defense isn't much different, given Joey Bosa (hamstring) hasn't played yet and Manti Te'o is already done.Can it get right? The Chargers have some talent, but they are short in coming together as a team under coach Mike McCoy, as seen in the little things that caused them to blow a lead in Kansas City and come up short in Indianapolis. There's something intangible at work, beyond the threat of relocation. Stuck in the brutal AFC West, this team already feels like a carbon copy of 2015 version.13. TitansLast season's record: 3-13What's wrong? Exotic smashed in. The Titans are seeing some good results of their "exotic smashmouth" with DeMarco Murray having a career resurgence as a runner and frequent receiver out of the backfield. But so far, Heisman-winning rookie Derrick Henry isn't as involved as he should be. It also doesn't make sense that Marcus Mariota isn't being used more out of zone reads. Instead, Mariota is stuck in the wrong kind of one-dimensional offense with little receiving help. Tajae Sharpe is for real, but Mariota was lost without tight end Delanie Walker (hamstring) in Week 3 vs. Oakland. The Titans wanted to help Mariota more in Year 2 but have actually set him up to regress.Can it get right? Mariota is set up to stay in a sophomore slump unless coach Mike Mularkey can get a little more creative with his abilities and field a legitimate Night net passing game. Even though Tenenssee is ahead of the 0-3 Jaguars now, it's headed toward the AFC South cellar again.

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