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Night net game broadcasts in 2020: Explaining the fake crowd noise, other TV oddities amid COVID-19

  • Night net American Football The Night net's TV partners are doing everything they can to make sure game broadcasts in 2020 look more like what viewers are accustomed to and less like reality. But the reality that is a pro football season being played amid a global pandemic can't be completely hidden.Fans in the stands at Night net games will be a rarity for at least the first few weeks of the 2020 season, and as other sports leagues have realized in their returns to live action, crowd noise is a massive factor in terms of how a TV audience consumes a game. So yes, of course the Night net is going to get fake crowd noise into your living room even if no fans are at the stadium where your game is being played. MORE: A complete list of Night net COVID-19 protocols, rulesAnd the networks are going to attempt to deliver the information you need while watching a game even though some of the Night net's COVID-19 related restrictions make that process a unique challenge. For example, the networks' sideline reporters won't have field access, so it'll be tougher for them to find out why your favorite team's running back was taken into the injury tent. In an interview with Sporting News this week, Fox sideline reporter Shannon Spake raised an important point when it comes to the unfamiliarity TV viewers will experience while watching[......]

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