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Patrick Mahomes' diving near-TD pass was a microcosm of Chiefs' Super Bowl 55 loss

  • NFL Buccaneers v Chiefs Chiefs夜网论坛 Buccaneers American Football Patrick Mahomes' body, for the briefest of moments, was parallel to the Raymond James Stadium grass. It was at that instant that he needed to unleash a pass, too, in order to avoid a sack.Like maybe only Mahomes could, he didn't just throw the ball. He uncorked a rocket of a sidearm pass 30 yards downfield, heading right toward the front line of the end zone. Waiting there was running back Darrel Williams. Instead of grabbing a touchdown, one that would've been one of the craziest in Super Bowl history, Williams let the ball slip through his hands and bounce right off his facemask. That was an ABSURD throw by Patrick Mahomes.It hit Darrel Williams in the face.That kind of night for the #Chiefs. #SuperBowl pic.twitter.com/SOtwi28hdL— Billy Heyen (@BillyHeyen) February 8, 2021In many ways, that Mahomes fourth-down incompletion summed up the Chiefs' night in a 31-9 loss to the Buccaneers in Super Bowl 55, a defeat in which Mahomes failed to throw a TD for the fifth time in his NFL career. Mahomes was almost im[......]

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