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Philip Rivers' retirement is reminder that clock has expired for Big Ben, and Steelers need to help him accept it

  • Night net American Football Philip Rivers retired Wednesday, and he surely was not the first. Eli Manning, the initial quarterback chosen among the “Class of 2004,” played his final game in 2019. Tight end Kellen Winslow, whom the Cleveland Browns picked rather than select a QB, has been gone from the league since 2013. Tackle Shawn Andrews, according to legend the player Steelers coach Bill Cowher argued to select that year, has been absent from the league for more than a decade. Ben Roethlisberger outlasted them all.So he has that, and two Super Bowl rings, and six Pro Bowl appearances, and more fourth-quarter comebacks than all but three other men, more QB victories than all but four others, more playoff wins than all but five others, more passing yards than all but six others and more touchdown passes than all but seven others. This should be enough. It is time.MORE: Colts' best replacements for Philip Rivers I will not insult Roethlisberger by trotting out the Chuck Noll cliché that Big Ben needs to get on with this life’s work. Because this has been his life’s work. To suggest otherwise is to devalue the sacrifice and achievements of anyone who has been a professional athlete this long, this successfully. He has earned a quarter of a billion dollars playing this game. He can afford whatever retirement activity he wis[......]

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