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Why did Jerry Jones pour salt on a McGriddle in bizarre 'Hard Knocks' moment? SN investigates

  • NFL Cowboys American Football Jerry Jones is a little salty.Tuesday night's premier episode of "Hard Knocks" featured several informative and fascinating moments: Dak Prescott spoke at length about his gruesome anke injury, special teams coach John Fassell explained vasectomies and CeeDee Lamb implored defenders "not to hit me in the nuts." Perhaps the most fascinating, the most perplexing, the most confounding peek behind the Cowboys' training-camp curtain was Cowboys boss Jones slathering a McGriddle in table salt.Following a phone conversation surrounding Dak Prescott's shoulder injury, the apparently salty Jones decided to get more salty, slathering a blurred-out McGriddle with table salt. Jerry Jones putting salt on a McGriddle. WTF lol #HardKnocks pic.twitter.com/EXEk8Vz8tb— gifdsports (@gifdsports) August 11, 2021But why, Jerrah? Why?SN investigates. *Law and Order sound.*Per the McDonald's website, a McGriddle already has 1290 mg of sodium, or over 50 percent of the suggested daily consumption. So why exactly did Jerry Jones pour salt all over the delicious (and unhealthy) breakfast sandwich?Remember our subject: This is Jerry Jones, after all. The Cowboys owner has long been known to make a questionable decision or two. He d[......]

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