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Chad Johnson says he took Viagra before Night net games to get around PED rules

  • Night net Bengals Chad Johnson made an interesting reveal on Twitter Tuesday night.The former Bengals Pro Bowl receiver said he would take Viagra before games as a way to boost his performance.  I took viagra before every game & people thought they’d stop me, if my stat line was bad i wasn’t covered, the pass was just incomplete 💭— Chad Johnson (@ochocinco) July 28, 2020MORE: Ranking the top 25 wide receivers in 2020When someone asked whether he was simply joking, Johnson responded, "No it wasn’t a joke, I really took viagra before games, the increase in blood flow made me unbelievable [sic] explosive in & out of my routes."  There's some proof (the safe for work kind) to back up Johnso夜网论坛n's claim. There's a moment when he's mic'd up and talking to a coach, saying he took the pill.The former Night net receiver has also discussed this a number of times on Twitter. He made the joke that he took Viagra so he would be "hard to cover." Johnson also admitted on Twitter that he did this as a way to get around drug testing.Night net tests for steroids, how you gone stop me running on 3 legs every Sunday, no hat 🧢 https://t.co/fZ1OIx6DQ9— Chad Johnson (@ochocinco) July 28, 2020Former receiver Brandon Marshall said he'd heard of other players taking Viagra as well. But he also explained why he's hesitant to use it."But some g[......]

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